Pre-Order Darkest Hour’s 9th Full Length Album

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Hello Party People!

It’s with great excitement that we announce the completion of our Pre-Order / Crowd funding campaign. The outpouring of support and feedback from you all has been amazing and getting to interact with everyone on such a personal level has been really fun. This is a first for us in our twenty-one year career and we have never been so fired to up to hit the studio and deliver you all a really special album.

As of the writing of this statement we have raised $67,386.00 with over 1200 contributors, that’s above our goal, so please accept our heartfelt thanks. The extra money we allow us to enhance the art work, produce a music video (or two), enlist a possible guest musician (or two), hire a world class producer, and lastly help fund enhanced coverage of the making of / behind the scenes action.

In the days to come we will be updating you all (backers first of course) on things as they move forward.

Now for the “informationally challenged” (i.e. those of you who missed this 30 day campaign) don’t worry, you may have missed out on some killer packages but there is still chance to get involved. We have made the VINYL/CD/DVD and Download available for extended Pre-Order.

We will be signing all VINYL and CD/DVD’s that come in via the IndieGoGo Pre-Orders, so you will know each one of these Pre-Orders passed through our grubby hands! In addition, you will be added to our list of backers and get first hand information before we release it anywhere else. Oh, and you will have the heartfelt thanks from the band as well, cuz we really appreciate all of this support.

Ever since we were little duders we knew we were destined to be rockers for life. As the industry has changed, we have adapted. But one thing has remained the same, we love making music for you all!

Now we get to create this album WITH YOU ALL so Cheers from DC, here is to OUR 9th studio album and the good people who Pre-Ordered it!


Mike, John, Travis, Deal, Lonestar

Darkest Hour