So Sedated, So Secure - Darkest Hour

So Sedated, So Secure

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So Sedated, So Secure is the second full length album from Darkest Hour released in August of 2001. On the heals of the success of The Mark of the Judas album Darkest Hour gained international recognition as well as the attention of Chicago, IL independent record label Victory Records, who signed soon after.

So Sedated, So Secure (their debut Victory Records release) was recorded in Beltsville, MD at Salad Day’s Studio with producer Brian McTernan over the course of a four week period and features original art by Matt Michael.

Sonically So Sedated, So Secure is still raw but see’s Darkest Hour leaning towards a more produced and overal more metal sound. Although it is a bit less melodic So Sedated, So Secure is the obevouse link between Darkest Hour’s original and evolved sound. In 2006 it was repackage, remixed, and rereleased via Victory records and features Darkest Hour’s first covers by both Battery, Pentagram.

Darkest Hour

Mike Schleibaum – guitar
John Henry – vocals
Ryan Parrish – drums, piano
Frederick Ziomek – guitar
Billups Allen – bass

“Bear Huntin’ USA” was originally to be on the album but was left off. It was then released as an internet only bonus track from Darkest Hour’s website. It was included again with “Polar Bear Huntin’ USA” and “Estabon” on the reissue.