The Mark of the Judas - Darkest Hour

The Mark of the Judas

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Track listing

“For the Soul of the Savior” – 6:01
“A Blessing in Tragedy” – 3:07
“The Legacy” – 3:42
“Part II” – 2:31
“Eclipse” – 4:56
“The Mark of the Judas” – 4:39
“Escape Artist” – 4:19
“Messiah Complex” – 4:28
“How the Beautiful Decay” – 7:15

The Mark of the Judas is Darkest Hour’s first full length album and was originally released on now defunct NY record label MIA records. Recored in March of 2000 this album saw the addition of both 2nd guitarist Fred Ziomek as well as drummer Ryan Parrish. It was recorded in Washington DC at Salad Day’s Studio with producer Brian McTernan over the course of a 3 week period, features art by Stephen McCarty, and was released in July of 2000.

Again, ever evolving The Mark of the Judas became the blue print for the modern Darkest Hour sound. Although this record marks the beginning of a much more produced sound it’s raw and unpolished sound still makes it a classic record with songs still as relevant today as they were when they were put out.

Re-released by label’s Join the Team Player Records, Southern Lord Records, and Art Monk Construction, The Mark of the Judas has seen many forms but is currently out of press and only available where ever you can find it.

Darkest Hour

John Henry – vocals
Mike Schleibaum – guitar
Fred Ziomek – guitar
Billups Allen – bass
Ryan Parrish – drums