Darkest Hour


Track listing

1. “Wasteland” 4:13
2. “Rapture in Exile” 2:11
3. “The Misery We Make” 3:06
4. “Infinite Eyes” 3:40
5. “Futurist” 3:59
6. “The Great Oppressor” 3:33
7. “Anti-Axis” 3:29
8. “By the Starlight” 4:07
9. “Lost for Life” 2:52
10. “The Goddess Figure” 4:14
11. “Lunar Divide” 3:53
12. “Beneath the Blackening Sky” 5:45
13. “Surrealist” 4:27

Darkest Hour is the eighth album by American melodic death metal band Darkest Hour. It was released on August 5, 2014 through Sumerian Records. It is the first album to feature bassist Aaron Deal and drummer Travis Orbin. The album marks a significant departure from their usual melodic death metal sound, instead having a more mainstream approach with elements of metalcore more prominent, with a more upbeat style.


Darkest Hour
John Henry – vocals
Mike “Lonestar” Carrigan – guitar
Mike Schleibaum – guitar
Aaron Deal – bass
Travis Orbin – drums

Additional musicisans
Dræmings – additional vocals on “By the Starlight”


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Darkest Hour CD