Deliver Us


Track listing

“Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)” – 4:33
“Sanctuary” – 2:13
“Demon(s)” – 3:48
“An Ethereal Drain” – 3:56
“A Paradox with Flies” – 4:26
“The Light at the Edge of the World” – 1:42
“Stand and Receive Your Judgement” – 2:38
“Tunguska” – 5:32
“Fire in the Skies” – 3:19
“Full Imperial Collapse” – 2:39
“Deliver Us” – 4:47
Bonus Track
“Closing on the Day” – 2:46 (FYE SE Album)

Deliver Us is Darkest Hour’s fifth studio album. It was released on July of 2007 through Victory Records. Again gathering international critical aclaim the album debuted at number 110 on the US Billboard album charts. Produced, mixed, and engineered again by Devin Townsend at Greenhouse Stuido’s, Vancouver BC over a 6 week period in March 2007. Deliver Us takes the sound of Undoing Ruin to is next logical (and climatic) step. Later that same year Darkest Hour would film a music video for the song “Demon(s). With the widespread success of the record “Sanctuary” was featured in the video game, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. Demon(s) was featured in Guitar Hero 5 as well as on the hit HBO serries True Blood. Doomsayer was made available in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock through the Darkest Hour Track Pack, the last to be Guitar Hero game to be released through Activision. It features original artwork by John Baizley. A bonus track “Closing on the Day” appears on an exclusive Best Buy packaged version of the record.


John Henry – vocals
Kris Norris – guitar
Mike Schleibaum – guitar
Paul Burnette – bass
Ryan Parrish – drums