The Misanthrope


Track listing

“Vise” – 5:30
“Looking Forward (To the End)” – 3:45
“The Misanthrope” – 4:17
“Fathom” – 5:36
“Keepsake 23″ – 6:19
“Crossroads” – 3:49[/one_half]
The Misanthrope marks Darkest Hour’s first release on CD format and is the earliest release still in print (via AF Records re-release). A few of the songs that appear on this release also saw light on Darkest Hour’s official first release, self-released cassette demo (Keepsake 23) which was also dedicated to longtime friend who passed Brad Khatchi.

A 6 song EP The Misanthrope was released in September of 1996 on the now defunct Virginia based label Death Truck Records. It was produced by DC rocker Howard Pyle and recorded at Let’s Rain Studio in Arlington, VA in the span of 3 days.

The Misanthrope is a testament to Darkest Hour’s earliest sound. It is much more hardcore orientated than the following releases but is after all, the starting point. Born of the 90’s punk/metal/hardcore scene this release ties Darkest Hour to that era. It was from this release and the subsequent touring on it that the brought forth Darkest Hour.


John Henry – vocals
Mike Schleibaum – guitar
Raul Mayorga – bass
Matt Mabben – drums

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