The Prophecy Fulfilled


Track listing

“Choir of the Prophecy Fulfilled” – 5:41
“Reflections of Ruin” – 3:50
“Broken Wings” – 3:20
“This Side of the Nightmare” – 4:09
“This Curse” – 6:44
“Coda XIII” – 5:03

The Prophecy Fulfilled is Darkest Hour’s second EP and was released in May,1999 via Art Monk Construction Records. Recorded in College Park, MD at the now closed Phase Recordings it was produced by Damnation AD guitarist Ken Olden and features art from Isis brain and main man Aaron Turner. The Prophecy Fulfilled is the first release to feature bassist Billups Allen and it was on this release that Darkest Hour took to national touring.

The first evolution of there sound The Prophecy FulFilled see’s Darkest Hour branching out and incorporating some thrash and black metal influences while still remaining deeply rooted the east coast mid 90’s Metal/Hardcore sound.

Both The Prophecy Fulfilled and The Misanthrope appear on a collection record entitled Archives (via AF Records). Included in this release is both EP’s in their entirety as well as hard to find song: Faith Like Suicide and alternate versions of This Curse and This Side of the Nightmare. Again raw and uncompromising both records document the humble beginnings.


John Henry – vocals
Mike Schleibaum – guitar
Raul Mayorga – bass
Matt Mabben – drums


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